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I walked into a low rise pallet truck when I was shopping in Aldi. I didn’t see it and I banged my leg and then tripped over it. Can I claim?

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If you have been injured in a trip at Aldi, then talk to Clearwater Solicitors about making a claim for compensation! We can help you receive the compensation you deserve after suffering a personal injury at Aldi, so call us on 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form to start your claim and benefit from our expert representation!

Aldi has a duty of care towards its customers and must take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent members of the public from tripping on its premises. Therefore, low-rise pallet trucks must be handled in a safe manner, and staff should be trained in how to use these devices without creating trip hazards and putting shoppers in danger.

Aldi pallet truck trip compensation claims

Low-rise pallet trucks can be used by Aldi staff when stocking shelves, moving heavy objects, collecting boxes or when moving goods into and out of the storage room. The company must consider how to safely use these trucks whenever they are required.This could involve considering how to manage customer, employee and truck traffic safely to ensure pallet trucks can move throughout the premises without colliding with people. There must be plenty of space for people to walk when pallet trucks are in use, and when these trucks are being taken to places that see customer traffic, all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that they do not create trip risks.

It is not enough for Aldi to argue that customers should have been able to see the pallet truck and avoid it – there are many Aldi trip compensation claims involving pallet trucks that customers failed to notice. Aldi must be aware of the trip hazards posed by pallet trucks and should effectively control these risks to prevent customers suffering personal injuries.
Some of the factors commonly seen in pallet truck trip compensation claims at Aldi include:

–          Negligence in the training of staff members

–          Negligence in the actions of staff members

–          Failure to adhere to health and safety regulations

–          Failure to properly maintain low-rise pallet trucks

Pallet truck accident case studies

An elderly woman was shopping in a major retailer when she tripped over a pallet truck that was being pulled by one of the company’s employees. She suffered serious leg injuries that left her with lasting difficulties. The victim received an undisclosed personal injury compensation settlement, while the company was fined £20,000 with £24,500 costs after being found to have failed to adhere to health and safety regulations relating to pallet truck accidents.

Make a compensation claim for a pallet truck accident in Aldi

If you have been injured in a trip over a pallet truck in Aldi, then contact Clearwater Solicitors to make a claim for compensation. We can help you receive all the money you deserve for your trip at Aldi, helping you to recover all of your losses and receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Call 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form to see how we could help you out.

Disclaimer – The information in the case study is not legal advice and should not be construed as such. The case study is for information purposes only, to help illustrate to our potential clients the type of claims Clearwater Solicitors can help them with. Clearwater Solicitors has not represented client(s) in the case study unless stated otherwise.

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