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How Much Can I claim for Slips and trips in Asda?

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Asda, like all other retailers, has a duty of care towards all its staff and customers, and must take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure its premises is as safe as possible and that nobody suffers a personal injury because of its negligence. If it has failed in this regard and caused you to suffer a personal injury, you have the right to claim compensation and recover any losses you faced.

Slips and trips in Asda

The majority of injuries in Asda are slips and trips, which can be caused by a huge number of different factors. These include:

Poor cleaning procedures

Poor cleaning procedures are linked to a lot of slips and trips in Asda. Cleaners may leave floors wet or slippery, or could clean in places and at times that put the public at risk. Dirt and mess may be left on the floor, creating a slip risk.

Spilled food and drink

One of the major slip risks in Asda is spillages, such as spilt milk or food. This should be cleaned up as quickly as possible, so it does not lead to slips and cause personal injuries.

Uneven or poorly-maintained flooring

Asda is responsible for the flooring inside its premises, including the flooring in its car parks and in any other property it owns. This means broken tiling should be repaired, potholes should be filled and any other maintenance problems relating to the floor should be fixed as quickly as is reasonably possible. Many people suffer personal injuries after tripping over flooring in Asda.

Other personal injury claims at Asda

Not all Asda accident compensation claims involve slips and trips. Some other common problems seen by personal injury solicitors include:

Injuries involving moving vehicles

Asda may use warehouse machinery, such as forklift trucks or pallet trucks, within its premises, but these vehicles can be dangerous and pose risks to staff and the public. Some of the most serious personal injury claims against supermarkets involve motor vehicle accidents.

Injuries involving falling objects

Poorly stacked shelves can cause objects to fall on people, causing a range of different personal injuries. Supermarkets must consider the risk of falling objects and ensure their shelves are stacked in such a way as to control or eliminate this danger

Claim compensation against Asda

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