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How can I claim for a slip or trip at Aldi?

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Aldi has a duty of care towards its customers and the general public, and take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent slips and trips in its premises. When it fails to do so and this leads to a personal injury, the victim can claim slips and trip compensation from Aldi. Clearwater Solicitors can help you succeed in your claim and maximise the size of your overall settlement – get in touch today for more information.

I slipped in Aldi, can I make a claim?

If you have slipped or tripped in Aldi due to the negligence of the retailer, you can make a claim for compensation.

Can I claim compensation for slipping on food in Aldi? I slipped on a spilled drink in Aldi – can I make a claim?

Aldi should have systems in place to clean up any spillages when they arise to ensure its premises is safe for customers. When it fails to do so and this leads to a personal injury, the victim can claim compensation.

I tripped on uneven flooring at Aldi – can I make a personal injury claim?

If you have been injured due to an uneven floor in Aldi, you can claim personal injury compensation. Aldi must keep its flooring in a safe, well-maintained condition.

I tripped over a pothole in Aldi car park – can I make a slip or trip claim?

Aldi is not just responsible for the interior of its stores – it must ensure all of its property is safe for the public to use. It must regularly inspect its car parks, prevent access to potholes, and repair them as quickly as possible. If the company failed to do this and it caused you to suffer a personal injury, you can make a compensation claim.

I tripped over a box in Aldi – can I claim compensation?

You can make a claim if you’ve tripped over a cardboard box while shopping – boxes and other obstructions in aisles are seen in a lot of trip and slip compensation claims. While Aldi is free to offer old cardboard boxes to its customers, it must ensure these are stored safely and do not pose a risk to the public.

I was injured after slipping on a wet floor after cleaning- can I make a claim?

Aldi must ensure its cleaning procedures do not put members of the public at risk. Some of the ways it can do this is by preventing access to damp floors, cleaning when the store is closed to the public, and training staff in how to clean safely. If the company has failed to do so and this leads to a slip, trip or fall in Aldi, the injured party can claim compensation.

I tripped over cables in Aldi – can I claim compensation?

Cleaning staff can leave cables trailing across floors, creating trip hazards. Cleaners should be trained in how to complete their jobs without creating slip and trip hazards, and Aldi should ensure any cleaning is done in such a way as to protect the public. When it fails to do so, the victim can make a slip injury compensation claim.

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