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Claim for slipping on ice in a car park

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Question: I was in a city centre car park when I slipped on ice and injured my back. I have not yet recovered from my injuries. Can I claim compensation?

Answer: You may be entitled to make a compensation claim after slipping in a car park, as your injuries sound like they were serious enough for you to have to visit the hospital. You will have to demonstrate that the owners of the car park were negligent in their duty of care towards their customers and had failed to ensure their premises could be safely used by the general public.

When the weather is cold and ice hits the streets, car park owners must ensure that their property can be safely walked around. They must take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the car park is safe. In some cases, this could be accomplished by gritting, heating, good design and effective draining, whereas in other instances the car park may need to be shut down or access may have to be blocked off until icy surfaces can be dealt with. If it can be demonstrated that the owners of the car park did not take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety of their premises, and that this negligence led to preventable accidents, then you should be able to make a compensation claim. You can find out whether or not this is the case by discussing your injuries with a personal injury solicitor.

You could also support your claim and increase your likelihood of success by telling the owners or operators of the car park about your accident. Ask staff to record the details of the incident in the accident book, and ask for a copy of this report. If you took down the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses or photographed the scene of the accident, you can use this information to support your car park accident compensation claim.

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