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Collisions With Pedestrians

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When pedestrians are involved in motor vehicle accidents, the consequences can be severe. Motorists should be aware of the dangers of pedestrians whenever they get behind the wheel and should be ready to stop whenever they have to.

While a minority of pedestrian accidents are unavoidable, in the overwhelming majority of cases they are caused by a driver’s negligence, and in these instances, the victim can claim pedestrian accident compensation. The pedestrian could be found to be somewhat responsible for the accident, such as by choosing to cross the road at a dangerous location, and this contributory negligence will affect the overall value of their compensation claim.

The compensation payment will be made by the driver’s insurance company, or the Motor Insurer’s Bureau when the driver is untraceable or uninsured. Drivers can also face prosecution when they hit pedestrians.If you have been in a pedestrian accident, you may be seriously injured and may require emergency medical treatment. If your personal injuries are not serious, you should still do the following:

Call the police and ambulance

You may still need medical attention and will have to file a police report. Seriously injured people frequently underestimate the extent of their injuries and conditions can quickly worsen.

Gather evidence

This will include the name, insurance details, contact information and registration number of the car that struck you, photographs of any factors that could have led to the accident, and any injuries you sustained.

Record your losses

The overall size of your pedestrian accident compensation claim will take any losses you faced as a result of the accident into consideration. Keep a record of any medical bills, transport receipts and lost wages you faced as a result of your personal  injury and show them to your solicitor.

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