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Cases Against Local Authorities

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Motorists are not always to blame in car accident compensation cases, and local authorities can sometimes be found to have been the negligent party. Councils and other local authorities are obliged to keep the roads in a safe condition, and when they fail to do so, they can be held liable for motor vehicle accidents.

Some of the most common compensation claims against local authorities include:

Pothole claims

If the local authority has been informed about a dangerous pothole, then it should fix the problem in a reasonable period of time. It should also regularly review the roads in its area to spot potholes and other hazards. If they have been negligent in these duties, then they can be held responsible for damages caused by potholes.

Stationary object claims

Councils can also be responsible for stationary objects, which can be left in a hazardous, unlit position in the road. These include roadworks, skips and signage. Motorists may be able to make a compensation claim against the local authority if they can show that it was negligent towards its duty of care towards road users.

Accidents caused by the condition of the road surface

If the road surface was poorly maintained or not repaired, then the local authority may be held to be negligent. There is a national code of practice that relates to the maintenance of highways and local authorities must follow the rules as laid out in this code.

To help you succeed in your claim against a local authority, you should:

  • Take photographs of the state of the road
  • Photograph the damage done to your vehicle
  • Keep a record of any repair costs and any expenses relating to the accident
  • Contact Clearwater Solicitors to make a claim for compensation

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