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Bicycle Accidents

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If you want to find out about bicycle accident compensation claims, we at Clearwater Solicitors are ready to help you out! Our skilled and experienced bicycle accident solicitors have helped a huge number of cyclists receive all the money they deserve for their personal injuries, making us a great choice for anyone who has been injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault while riding their bike.

Cycling is an increasingly popular way to get around nowadays – not only is it affordable, but it is also great exercise and environmentally-friendly. Unfortunately, cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users, and regularly suffer serious injuries as a result of road accidents. While other road users are somewhat protected from accidents, due to car safety devices or protective equipment, cyclists frequently only have casual clothing and a helmet to protect them, so can suffer particularly severe personal injuries in a collision. These injuries can take a huge range of forms, including:

–          Brain injuries

–          Head injuries

–          Broken bones

–          Fractures

–          Soft tissue damage

–          Paralysis

–          Fatal injuries

While cyclists can be to blame for road accidents, in the majority of cases, other road users are to blame. Drivers can fail to check for cyclists when merging or turning, can fail to leave enough room for cyclists when overtaking, or can drive in cycle lanes or break the rules of the road. When this is the case, and it leads to a collision, the cyclist can make a bicycle accident claim. Accidents can also be caused by the negligence of other individuals and organisations, such as businesses failing to keep their premises safe for the public or local authorities failing to deal with potholes, and these parties can therefore be liable in compensation claims.

Bicycle accident compensation claims

Bicycle accident compensation claims can be difficult and confusing processes, and require the expert help of our bicycle accident solicitors. We can help you calculate your losses to find out the full value of your claim, and give you the best possible chance of succeeding in your case. You will not just be compensated for your pain and suffering – you should also be able to recover any other losses you faced as a result of the cycling accident, so you are not left out-of-pocket. These could include lost wages, medical bills and other related costs, the price of your bike or a replacement bike, as well as any costs you are likely to face in the future.

Bicycle accident claim

In the vast majority of cases, bicycle accident compensation claims are paid out by the responsible party’s insurance company or the local authority’s insurers. However, you can claim against any negligent party that was responsible for the accident, including businesses and uninsured individuals. You should not face any losses if the accident was someone else’s fault.

To make a bicycle accident claim, or for more information, contact Clearwater Solicitors today by dialling 08000 430 430. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back from our bicycle accident solicitors.

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