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Cosmetic surgery Negligence Claim

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Cosmetic surgery is increasingly common in the UK, with more people going under the knife than ever before. Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons can conduct amazing procedures that would have been unthinkable many years ago, and while the vast majority of patients are completely happy with the final result, a growing number of people are making cosmetic surgery clinical neglig4ence claims.

If you have been the victim of clinical negligence caused by a cosmetic surgeon, then speak to Clearwater Solicitors to make a claim for compensation! We have dealt with dozens of cases just like yours and have the experienced, skilled legal team you need to succeed in your claim and achieve the settlement you deserve.

Types of cosmetic surgery clinical negligence claims

Cosmetic surgery is a constantly-changing field of medicine, with new procedures constantly being developed and new trends emerging every year. Some of the most common types of cosmetic surgery medical negligence include:

Anaesthesia errors

Surgical negligence often involves anaesthesia errors and cosmetic surgery is no different. Anaesthetics are very dangerous and patients need to be properly monitored when under their influence. Choking, asphyxia, respiratory depression and adverse drug interactions are just some of the risks anaesthetics pose.


Botox is a wrinkle-removal treatment that involves injecting botulinum toxin into people – generally into their face. Although around 39% of all non-surgical treatments in the UK involve botox, the sector is currently unregulated and anyone can carry out the procedure.

Some of the risks involved in botox include freezing of the face, a poor final result, lack of movement  in the eyelid or neck and swallowing difficulties. People can also suffer from infections and skin damage caused by incorrect use of the needle.


Infection is a risk of any surgical procedure, and infections are therefore commonly seen in clinical negligence compensation claims. Surgeons must ensure all surgical tools have been sterilised and that their hands and the operation site are cleaned and washed thoroughly. When infections take hold following surgery, the results can be devastating and even fatal.

Breast implants

Recently, a scandal known as the PIP breast implant scandal saw thousands of British women receive breast implants that were leaky and dangerous. While this product liability compensation claim was a particularly widespread problem, other breast implant claims involve excessive scarring, nerve damage, infection or poor final results.

Rhinoplasty (nose jobs)

Nose-jobs are a very common form of plastic surgery. However, they are also complicated procedures, and patients can suffer serious personal injuries when rhinoplasty is performed negligently or inadequately. These can range from anxiety and emotional problems caused by poor-quality results, to loss of smell, haematoma, necrosis and permanent scarring and deformity.

Facelifts and facial fillers

Facelifts, and similar procedures such as facial fillers, aim to remove wrinkles from the skin and help people look younger. Around 32% of all non-invasive cosmetic surgery in the UK is facial fillers, while facelifts have been a Hollywood staple for years.

However, these pose a huge risk of clinical negligence personal injuries. Bruising, sagging, unsightly bumps, and a poor standard of service can leave people with facial deformities and emotional anxiety. Serious personal injuries can also occur, and people can suffer serious blood infections or other complications as a result.

Tummy tucks

While tummy tucks, or abdominoplasty, take a variety of forms, clinical negligence compensation claims frequently involve the same issues. These can be bruising, numbness, swelling, fluid retention, scarring or extensive recovery times. Occasionally, other organs are perforated during a tummy tuck, and this can lead to serious injury or death.

Making a cosmetic surgery clinical negligence claim

If you have suffered a personal injury due to the incompetence or negligence of a cosmetic surgeon or during any cosmetic procedure, then speak to Clearwater Solicitors! We can help you gather evidence and keep records to give you the best possible chance of success in a plastic surgery compensation claim.

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