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Hospital Negligence Compensation Claims

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People have the right to expect a good standard of treatment when they go to the hospital. Private and NHS hospitals have a duty to do all they can to ensure the health and wellbeing of their patients, and must have insurance policies to protect them in the event of a hospital negligence compensation claim.

However, hospitals are inherently dangerous places, and hospital negligence claims occur frequently. Some of the most common clinical negligence claims involving hospitals include:

Surgical errors

Many things can go wrong in surgery, including anaesthesia errors, leaving surgical equipment inside patients, infections and poor surgical technique. Patients should give informed consent to the risks in surgery before operations proceed, and surgeons must act in a competent manner and deal with problems when they arise.

Poor standards of treatment

Poor treatment standards frequently feature in hospital negligence compensation cases. Claimants complain of being left in dirty environments, being left hungry and thirsty for long periods of time, or not receiving prompt responses when calling for nurses.

Misdiagnosis or delays to diagnosis

When illnesses are not promptly diagnosed or are misdiagnosed, they can become progressively worse and can even prove fatal. Misdiagnosis of injuries can also result in patients receiving unnecessary and potentially harmful treatment, such as medicines or surgery.

Prescription errors

Prescription errors can be very serious – overdoses of certain drugs can lead to death or severe adverse reactions, while improperly small doses might not be enough to treat certain conditions, causing the condition to worsen.

Hospital Negligence Compensation Claims

If you have received hospital treatment that fell below acceptable standards, you may be able to make a clinical negligence claim. However, it is not enough to demonstrate that a healthcare provider made a mistake – you will have to show that they were negligent, and that this caused you to suffer a personal injury.

Negligent behaviour is that which a properly competent healthcare professional would not do. Proving that behaviour was negligent in hospital negligence compensation claims can therefore be a difficult process, and doing so requires the help of specialist medical negligence solicitors.

You must also be able to demonstrate that the negligent behaviour directly led to your personal injury. This is called ‘causation’.
Proving a claim can be difficult, and you should retain any evidence that supports it. Collect lost wages, medical records, correspondence with the hospital and information about your personal injuries, and gather witness statements and photographic evidence.

Make a Hospital Negligence Claim

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