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Birth Injuries Compensation Claim

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Birth injuries can cause severe health problems in the first few years of a newborn’s life, can put the life of a child in danger, and can even cause death or lifelong disabilities. As a result, birth injury claims reflect the severity of these injuries. To prove a birth injury compensation claim, you must be able to show that the behaviour of a healthcare professional such as a midwife was negligent, and that this directly led to a mother or child sustaining an injury.

Birth injury claim solicitors don’t just deal with injuries that arose in childbirth. Negligence can occur during early check-ups, during scans or in the first few days and weeks of an infant’s life. If our solicitors can show that a competent professional would not have made the same accidents that led to the injury, then you should be able to receive all the birth injury compensation you deserve.

Birth Injury Claims

Some of the claims our solicitors have dealt with include:
– Cerebral palsy claims
– Erbs Palsy claims
– Wrongful birth claims
– Placental abruption claims
– Umbilical cord problems
– Stillbirth
– Shoulder dysplasia
Personal injuries sustained by the mother
– Gestational or maternal diabetes
– Hypoglycemia
– Hip dysplasia
– Anaesthesia errors

Although these problems do not always arise due to medical negligence, in many cases they could be prevented or mitigated through prompt action, or could have been noticed in early tests. Healthcare providers have a duty of care towards their patients, and if they fail in this regard and it leads to a birth injury, victims can claim birth injury compensation.

Birth Injury Compensation

Making a birth injury claim might not be a parent’s first priority, but doing so at an early stage can help them to deal with the costs of the injury and ensure they do not financially struggle following childbirth. Birth injury claim solicitors will be able to help you in a claim if they can determine that the injury was avoidable, that it led to an injury and that the claimant received suboptimal care. The size of a claim will depend on the long-term prognosis of an injury, but factors such as required household renovations, specialist medical equipment, long-term care costs and the victim’s pain and suffering can affect a compensation claim’s value.

Birth Injury Claim Solicitors

We have dealt with a huge range of birth injury claims involving a wide variety of personal injuries and other losses, making us an ideal choice for anyone who wants to claim compensation. We have years of experience dealing with claims just like yours and can put you in touch with a solicitor that has succeeded in claims just like yours.

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