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Work-Related Upper Limb Disorder Claims

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Very common workplace musculoskeletal problems involve the harming of tissues in the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand. These are described as work-related upper limb disorders (WRULD). Basically WRULD is not a type of disease, but is similar to repetitive strain injury (RSI). WRULD can cause intense pain to the arms and hands of affected workers and sometimes leads to disability. If your employer didn’t provide you with safe equipment and proper training so you could avoid WRULD, then you are entitled to receive compensation for all your pain, as well as your physical and psychological stress and any related financial losses.

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Causes of WRULD

Upper limb disorders are very common and occur at different workplaces and industries. Different workplace tasks which include the use of arms can lead to WRULD. Lifting loads, manual handling at the workplace and typing jobs can cause WRULD in a huge number of different workers.

Different causes of WRULD include:

  • Putting unnecessary extra force into a specific lifting activity,
  • Trying to carry more load than a person is capable of,
  • Carrying unstable loads with awkward body positions,
  • Unsafe or uncomfortable hand grips,
  • Repetitive and continuous movement of fingers, hands or arms while typing, hammering, pulling or pushing, and
  • Lack of employee training.

Types of WRULD

  • Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD)

CTD is caused by repetitive body movements, including continuous unusual positions, vibration exposure and forceful acts. This disorder harms the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and muscle tissues.

  • Chronic upper limb pain syndrome

Chronic upper limb pain syndrome results in chronic pain to the hands and arms. Chronic upper limb pain is caused by the continuous use of keyboards, abrupt changes in working practices, and psychological factors like sleeplessness and anxiety.

  • Hand and Wrist Disorders

Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most commonly-occurring hand and wrist disorder. It is caused by continuous uncomfortable use of the hands. Symptoms of CTS are pain, and numbness of any body part linked to the median nerve of hands.

  • Disorders of the Elbow

Epicondylitis, later epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis are common elbow disorders. These disorders cause aches in forearms when the wrist, hand or arm is moved in certain directions or at certain angles. Extra-forceful grips and repetition are some causes of elbow disorders.

  • Conditions affecting Shoulders

A painful shoulder is another very common work-related upper limb disorder. Welders are commonly affected by chronic shoulder pains. Victims of shoulder disorders experience signs of muscle fatigue.

  • Vibration Exposures

Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and vibration white finger (VWF) are disorders occurring due to prolonged vibration exposures. Symptoms of vibration disorders are numbness, sensitivity loss and a tickling sensation in the affected areas.

Symptoms of WRULD

Symptoms of WRULD can be mild to severely damaging and sometime cause disability. Victims can be unable to perform routine tasks and can experience a dramatic reduction in their quality of life. Different symptoms of WRULD are:

  • Pain in hands, arms or shoulders,
  • Weakness,
  • Loss of grip strength,
  • Tingling and numbness in hands,
  • Back pain,
  • Shoulder and neck pain,
  • Sensitivity loss.

Treatment of WRULD

Work related upper limb disorders (WRULDs) can be prevented, but a complete cure is not possible. The basic purpose of WRULD treatment is to reduce the intensity of symptoms and to prevent further progression of symptoms or the worsening of the condition. Different treatment methods include:

  • Treatment through physiotherapy
  • Treatment through surgery
  • Medication; steroids, non-steroidal inflammatory agents,
  • Drug therapies

WRULD Compensation Claims

It is the duty of employers to provide safe workplace to their employees that do not pose any risk of physical or psychological injuries to staff. Employers should train their workers about safe manual handling and lifting practices. They should also provide safe working tools and protective equipment for all workers. Failure to ensure workplace safety makes employers liable to deal with workplace accident compensation claims.

So if you have suffered with any kind of work-related upper limb disorder due to your employer’s negligence, then you are entitled to receive compensation. Make your WRULD claim by hiring the expert services of Clearwater Solicitors. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with WRULD claims. We will make every effort to ensure you win all the compensation you deserve, including all physical, mental and financial damages. So, call us on 08000 430 430 or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.

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