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Industrial Diseases

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Exposure to a harmful element in the workplace or a unsafe working environments can cause a condition or illness which is known as an industrial disease. The illnesses and conditions you can develop as a result of an industrial disease vary greatly.Your employer is responsible for yourself.

Causes of Industrial Diseases

There are many reasons you could contract an industrial disease/occupational ilety whilst you are at work. If your employer fails in their duty causing you to suffer an industrial disease then you can make a compensation claim. If you have had suffered any occupational illness, disease or trauma then start your industrial disease claim with Clearwater solicitors. Call us on 08000 430 430 or complete our online enquiry form to request call back.

lnesses such as:-

  • Toxic chemical exposures for example arsenic, lead, mercury, zinc and so on;
  • Exposure to very loud sounds for example heavy machinery, vehicles, power plant equipment, generators and so on;
  • Brief or continuous exposure to dusts, sands and polluted air;
  • Polluted land and contaminated water.

Effects of Industrial Disease

The impact of industrial diseases can be slight or fatal. Exposure of some chemicals can cause instant death. Other effects of industrial or occupational disease are as follows:-

  • Chemical poisoning resulting in nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness, confusion, heart problems and so on;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Repetitive strain injury;
  • Eye sight weakening;
  • Chemical burns;
  • Respiratory syndromes or Asthma;
  • Infections, allergies or dermatitis;
  • Cancer.

Duties of Employers

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act employers have a duty to keep their workplace free of any hazards which could lead to an industrial disease. Measures employers can introduce include:-

  • Carry out risk assessment at workplace to identify the risk of industrial diseases;
  • Eliminate all risk factors or restrict their use to some extent if total elimination is not possible;
  • Replace more toxic chemicals with alternate lesser toxic chemicals;
  • Train workers to handle chemicals safely;
  •  Provide all employees with suitable personal protective equipment.

It is the moral and legal responsibility of all employers to introduce and implement safety measures such as those listed above. You can make a compensation claim if your employer fails to implement these simple steps. Making an industrial disease claim can cause your employer to introduce a safe working environment and prevent other employees from contracting industrial disease.

Industrial Disease Claims

If you have contracted an industrial disease you are entitled to claim compensation for personal injury and all financial losses. At Clearwater solicitors we have expert industrial disease solicitors who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Our expert solicitors can deal with different types of industrial disease claim such as:-

  • Asbestos Related Illness
  • COPD Claims
  • Mesothelioma Claims
  • Silicosis Claims
  • Asbestosis Claims
  • Dermatitis Compensation
  • Phurnacite Claims
  • Vibration White Finger (HAVS) Claim
  • Asthma Claims
  • Occupational Deafness Claims
  • Pleural Thickening Claims
  • WRULD Claims
  • Carpal Tunnel Claims
  • Lead Poisoning Claims
  • Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

You can start your industrial disease claim today by calling 08000 430 430 or you can complete our online  enquiry form to receive a call from us.

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