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Claim compensation for slipping in a gym

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Question: I was working out in the gym when I slipped on a damp patch, landing on the dumbbells and sustaining a nasty head injury. Can I make a compensation claim?

Answer: You might be able to make a compensation claim, although Clearwater Solicitors will have to receive more information about your injuries. Call us on 08000 430 430 or provide a few key details in our online enquiry form so we can advise you further.

Like all leisure facilities, gyms have a duty of care towards their customers, and must take all reasonable steps to prevent avoidable accidents from occurring on its premises. This will involve ensuring flooring provides enough grip to ensure it does not become dangerously slippery when it becomes wet, such as through sweat or spilled drinks. It must also regularly clean up its premises and perform risk assessments to spot hazards and deal with them before they lead to preventable gym accidents. Compensation claims can be made when gyms are negligent towards this duty and people are injured as a direct result of this negligence.

There are a number of things you can do to support your compensation claim after slipping in a gym – our personal injury solicitors can advise you further. You should:

–          Tell staff at the gym about the accident

–          Ask them to record the accident in the gym’s accident book

–          Take photographs of the area you slipped on, the equipment you landed on and anything else relevant to the incident

–          Take down the names and contact information of witnesses

The gym may offer you first aid at the scene, but you should still visit a doctor to have your injuries treated. You may also be offered a small sum of money or an unsolicited compensation offer from the gym’s insurers, but you should not accept this until you have discussed your case with Clearwater Solicitors.

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