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Claim compensation after being injured by gym equipment

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Question: I was exercising on the treadmill when I slipped and banged my jaw on the gym equipment, sustaining a painful fracture. Can I claim compensation?

Answer: You may be able to claim compensation, although it is uncertain who will be liable for the incident, so call Clearwater Solicitors on 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form to speak with our experts.

Some gym equipment injury claims are actually product liability claims; the manufacturers, suppliers or distributors of gym equipment must ensure that their products are safe for people to use. If the treadmill malfunctioned, was unsafe to use or broken, then your gym equipment compensation claim will be made against one of these parties. However, in other instances the operator of the gym is responsible. Gym customers should be told how to safely use their equipment, and gyms must ensure all their products are safe for people to use and are well-maintained and functional.

Some of the defective gym equipment seen by personal injury solicitors include:

–          Exercise bikes

–          Treadmills

–          Weightlifting machines

–          Rowing machines

–          Stair machines

–          Workout benches

–          Rowing machines

–          Elliptical machines

If your gym machine accident happened in a leisure centre or other commercial property, you should report the accident to staff at the gym and ensure they keep a record of your report in the accident book. If possible, you should also take photographs of the defective equipment and record the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses. Alternatively, tell the manufacturer of the equipment that you were injured due to a defect in their products. You should also visit a doctor so your injuries can be properly assessed, treated, and recorded. The insurers of the negligent party may make an unsolicited compensation offer to you, but you should not accept this until you speak with personal injury solicitors.

Call Clearwater Solicitors today to find out more or to start making a compensation claim. Just dial 08000 430 430, or alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

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