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Claiming food poisoning compensation against a restaurant

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Question: I came down with food poisoning and I believe a poorly-prepared restaurant meal was to blame. How do I go about making a compensation claim?

Answer: You may be able to make a food poisoning compensation claim against the restaurant, although doing so can be complicated, as it can be difficult to prove that a particular meal led to food poisoning. Therefore, as well as speaking to personal injury solicitors, you should also involve the Environmental Health Department, so the food preparation areas in the kitchen can be examined and assessed.

You should also retain any documentation that relates to your illness. Ensure you speak with a doctor and tell them about your illness and that you believe you are suffering from food poisoning. You may be able to support your claim if other people who ate the meal also developed food poisoning, as this will provide evidence that a particular meal was to blame.

If you can demonstrate that your illness was caused by exposure to chemicals, bacteria, parasites or viruses, and that you contracted it due to the negligence of the restaurant or one of its employees, then you can make a compensation claim.  After you tell the restaurant that you intend to claim compensation for food poisoning, you may be offered a small sum of money or an unsolicited compensation settlement from the company’s insurers, but you should not accept this until you have got in touch with personal injury solicitors, as the value of your claim could be considerably more than the amount the insurers offer.

For instance, as well as being compensated for your pain and suffering, you should also be able to recover any financial losses you incurred, such as lost wages and medical expenses. This means accepting the initial unsolicited settlement could leave you significantly out-of-pocket.

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