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Claiming compensation after falling on glass in a pub

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Question: I was walking through Wetherspoon’s when I tripped over and landed on a piece of glass, causing cuts that required stitches. Can I make a compensation claim?

Answer: You may be able to make a compensation claim; speak with Clearwater Solicitors today for more information. Pubs and other businesses have a duty of care towards their staff and customers, and this will involve ensuring that their premises are safe for people to use and are kept in a clean way. Broken glass should be cleaned up immediately, as a fall on to glass in a pub can lead to serious injuries.

However, not all injuries caused by broken glass could reasonably have been prevented – for instance, if you fell over while holding a glass and cut yourself as you landed, then it could be argued that Wetherspoon’s could not have reasonably been expected to foresee or prevent this accident. If you got stitches, then your injuries will have been recorded in your medical records, so you will be able to prove that the cut came from broken glass in the pub. If possible, you should take a photograph of the area you fell in and take down the names and contact details of anyone who witnessed the fall.

Then, report the accident to Wetherspoon’s and ask them to record the incident in the ‘accident book’. You can also ask for a copy of this report to support your compensation claim. You can recover any financial losses you incurred as a result of your tripping accident in a pub, so keep hold of any documentation that could prove your expenses and losses. This could include bank statements, medical bills and wageslips.

Then talk to Clearwater Solicitors about your injuries and receive the clear and professional representation you need to succeed in your compensation claim and recover your financial losses. Get started today by calling 08000 430 430 to speak with an advisor, or fill in our handy online enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as we can.

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