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Claim for falling down stairs in restaurant

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Question: I was eating in Nandos when I slipped on the stairs and fractured my elbow. Can I be compensated for my personal injuries, or was I to blame?

Answer : To find out whether or not you are entitled to make a compensation claim, Clearwater Solicitors will have to find out more about the circumstances of your accident. Speak to us today on 08000 430 430 or provide a few key details in our online enquiry form to receive more information.

Your eligibility to make a compensation claim will depend on whether or not Nandos failed to meet its duty of care towards you. For instance, you may have slipped on the stairs in the restaurant because there was loose carpeting on the staircase, or because there was a spilled drink or food on the stairs, and it could be argued that the restaurant should have dealt with this problem before it caused you to slip on the restaurant’s stairs. However, it could be the case that the problem arose immediately before your accident happened – for instance, someone may have spilled the drink just a few seconds before you slipped on it. This might mean that Nandos will not be held liable in a restaurant accident compensation claim.

Nandos has a duty of care towards its employees and its customers and must take all reasonable steps to prevent people from becoming injured in preventable accidents on its premises. It must clean its restaurant regularly and in a safe and proper manner, and keep them in a well-maintained, hazard-free condition. If you can demonstrate that the restaurant or its employees failed to do this and that this negligence directly led to your personal injury, you will be able to make a compensation claim against them.

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