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Claim compensation for slipping on food in Subway

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Question: I was getting a sandwich in Subway when I slipped on some food that had fallen out of another customer’s sandwich, injuring my ankle. Should I contact personal injury solicitors to make a compensation claim?

Answer: If you speak to personal injury solicitors, you will give yourself the best possible chance of success in your compensation claim and ensure you recover all the money you are entitled to. Call us on 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form to find out more.

Spilled food is one of the most significant dangers in Subway and the company must take all reasonably practicable steps to deal with this hazard before it leads to preventable accidents or causes an injury to its customers or employees. Cleaning systems must be implemented to ensure that any spilled food or other slipping accident hazards are dealt with quickly and effectively. If Subway fails to deal with these hazards effectively, it can find itself liable in fast food accident compensation claims.

If you want to claim compensation against Subway following your slipping accident, you should tell staff at the franchise about the accident and ensure they record it in their accident book. If you managed to take a photograph of the food you slipped on, or recorded the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses, you can use this information to bolster your compensation claim.

Subway’s insurers may offer you compensation following your accident, but you will have to speak with personal injury solicitors if you are to determine whether or not this initial offer is adequate and if it will cover your damages and financial losses. Insurance companies are unlikely to complete a full assessment of your general and special damages and there is a real risk of being undercompensated if you accept this initial offer, so we would strongly advise you to discuss the details of your case with specialist personal injury solicitors if you are to ensure you recover all the money you deserve.

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