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Claim compensation for slipping in a cafe

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Question: I slipped on a wet floor in a cafe and broke my leg. Can I make a compensation claim?

Answer: If you suffered a personal injury after slipping on a wet floor in a cafe, then you can make a compensation claim. Slipping accident compensation claims are some of the most common types of lawsuit faced by the cafe and restaurant sector; these businesses have a duty of care towards their customers and employees, and must take all reasonable steps to prevent trips and slips accidents from occurring.

Proving whether or not the cafe was negligent towards this duty of care can be difficult, but demonstrating the establishment’s negligence is vital if you are to make a compensation claim against them. The cause of the wet floor could indicate whether or not it is possible to make a personal injury claim – if the floor was wet as a result of cleaning, for instance, then the cleaning should have been done in a safe way to ensure people do not slip on the floor when it is still wet. However, if the floor was wet because someone spilled a drink a few seconds before your cafe slipping accident, it could be claimed that workers at the cafe would not have been able to have cleaned up the mess before the accident occurred, so you may be unable to claim compensation as the cafe will not have acted in a negligent manner.

After your slip in a cafe, the owners, proprietors or insurers of the company may make you an unsolicited personal injury compensation offer. Although you may be tempted to accept this money, you should not do so until you have spoken with personal injury solicitors. The overall value of this offer may be significantly less than the amount of money you deserve and may leave you unable to cover your losses.

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