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Claiming compensation after slipping on a drink in a health and beauty store

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Question: I slipped on a spilled drink in Boots, injuring my head – can I claim compensation?

Answer: There is a good chance you will be able to make a compensation claim after slipping on a spilled drink in Boots – speak with our personal injury solicitors to find out more.

Boots, and all other health and beauty stores, have a duty of care towards their staff and customers. This means it must take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure slips, trips and other accidents do not occur in its premises. If it fails to do so, it can be deemed to have behaved in a negligent fashion, and if this negligence directly leads to an injury, the company can be liable in Boots accident compensation claims.

Part of this duty of care will involve regularly inspecting its premises to clean up spilled drinks and other litter in a safe manner. This means that if you slipped on a drink that had been spilled a while ago, the company will have been negligent towards this obligation. However, if the drink was only recently spilled, then the company could claim that it could not reasonably have been expected to have cleaned up the drink in this time, providing a defence in any compensation claim you make.

After slipping on a drink in a health and beauty store, a pharmacy or in any other retail premises, you should report the accident to staff at the store and ensure they keep a record of the incident in the accident book. Other evidence that could support your claim includes photographs of the spillage you slipped on and the scene of the accident, or the names and contact information of any independent witnesses.

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