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Making a product liability claim against a furniture store

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Question: I bought a chair from a furniture store, but when I sat on it, it fell through, aggravating a pre-existing back injury. Can I make a product liability claim?

Answer: You may be able to make a furniture store product liability claim – contact Clearwater Solicitors for more information. Product liability claims occur when furniture or DIY stores and/or their manufacturers act in a negligent way and this causes a customer to suffer an injury.

These could be any of the following:

–          A failure to implement adequate quality control systems to ensure the products they sell are safe for use

–          Allowing goods to become dangerous or defective, or causing this to happen

–          Selling defective items

–          Failing to design and manufacture goods in such a way that adequately ensures their safety

The negligent party in a product liability claim can therefore be the retailer, the manufacturer or both parties, and you will have to speak with personal injury solicitors if you are going to build a case against the right party and succeed in your claim. If the furniture that broke came as flat-pack furniture and was assembled by you, it could be argued that you were partially responsible for the accident, but you still may be able to make a compensation claim if it can be shown that the retailer or manufacturer was also negligent.

Many furniture injury claims involve serious injuries – the dangers posed by defective furniture are a lot more serious than many people realise. As well as collapsing furniture, people can claim product liability compensation after suffering injuries or losses in a fire that was caused or worsened by the materials used furnishings, when material causes an allergic reaction, or when badly-wired electric furniture causes an electric shock.

To find out more about making a product liability claim against furniture stores or manufacturers, or to start making a claim today, just call Clearwater Solicitors. Dial 08000 430 430 to speak with an advisor, or fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

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