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Can I Claim for Accident at Ikea?

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Ikea accident claims

While Ikea stores can be very sizable, and while the company is renowned for offering a huge variety of products, it still has the same duty of care towards its customers as every other retailer. This involves conducting regular risk assessments, putting effective management systems in place, and regularly cleaning and maintaining the premises to ensure it is safe for employees and the public.
If you have been injured in an accident at Ikea that was caused by the company’s negligence, you have the right to claim compensation. Some of the most common compensation claims against Ikea include:

–          Slips and trips

Unlike most other furniture stores, Ikea has a restaurant, which increases the risk of slips and trips. Food and drink spillages, poor cleaning systems, cables, uneven flooring and obstructions in walkways can lead to slips and trips; Ikea must take all reasonable steps to prevent these accidents from occurring.

–          Product liability claims

Product liability claims against Ikea can also occur. A number of Ikea high chair recall injury claims recently occurred after problems with the chair’s seatbelt resulted in children falling out of the chair and suffering injuries.

–          Items falling from height

When items are stocked on shelves or fastened in an improper manner, they can fall on customers. Ikea and its staff must be aware of this danger and must stack items safely, so they do not cause accidents at Ikea.

Ikea injury compensation claims case studies

A woman was shopping in Ikea’s Warrington branch when she slipped on a wet floor in the store’s restaurant area. The floor was in front of the restaurant’s washing space, and Ikea accident solicitors determined that Ikea should have kept this area safe. The accident caused the victim to suffer shoulder and leg injuries and received £4,000 in Ikea injury compensation.

Compensation claims against Ikea

If you want to make a compensation claim against Ikea, you should complete the following steps, if possible:

–          Photograph the area the accident occurred in

–          Collect witness contact numbers

–          Ensure Ikea records the accident in its accident book

–          Have your injuries recorded by a doctor

–          Record your financial losses

–          Speak to Clearwater Solicitors

Just speak to the experts at Clearwater Solicitors to make a personal injury claim against Ikea! We can give you the best possible chance of success in your compensation claim, and help you maximise the size of your final settlement. For more information, or to start making a claim today, get in touch with us by calling 08000 430 430. You can also contact us online – just fill in our enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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