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Can I claim for Accident at Primark?

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If you’ve been injured in an accident at Primark, then see if you can claim compensation with Clearwater Solicitors! We can give you the skilled, professional representation you need to succeed in your Primark accident claim, so get in touch today by dialing 08000 430 430. Alternatively, just fill in our handy online enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Primark accident claims

Primark accident compensation claims take a wide variety of forms. Some of the different accidents and injuries that can occur at Primark include:

Slips, trips and falls

– Manual handling injuries

Injuries caused by falling items

Like all other companies, Primark has a duty of care towards its workforce and the general public. As a result, it must take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent accidents from occurring on its premises. It is also vicariously liable for the negligence of its employees, so you can claim compensation if Primark’s negligence or its staff’s negligence led to your injury.

Primark compensation claim case study

A woman from Romford was shopping in Primark when she tripped over defective floor tiles. While Primark’s insurers admitted the flooring was defective and that the store was unhappy with the quality of the flooring, but denied that the claimant had suffered an injury as a direct result of this issue. Photographic evidence also showed that the flooring was in a poor condition and posed a risk to customers.Her Primark injury lawyers took the matter to trial, and the insurers came to an agreement with the claimant just before the final hearing. While the overall value of her compensation claim was not revealed, it was a four-figure sum.

Make a compensation claim against Primark

Clearwater Solicitors can help you make a compensation claim against Primark and recover all the money you are entitled to. Just contact us today for clear, professional information and advice. There are a number of things you can do to support your Primark accident claim and increase the size of your final settlement – these include:

– Take photographs that show where the accident occurred and how it happened

– Record the contact details of any witnesses to the accident

– Report the accident to Primark and ensure they record it in the accident book

– Ask for a copy of this accident book report

– Go to the doctor or hospital and have your injuries assessed and recorded in your medical records

– Keep hold of any documentation that relates to your losses, such as lost wages, medical bills and any other expenses

– Speak to Clearwater Solicitors as soon as possible

It doesn’t matter if you have been unable to complete all the above steps – we can still help you make a Primark injury claim, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just call us on 08000 430 430 to speak with an expert, or fill in our handy online enquiry form and we will get back in touch with you as quickly as we can.

Disclaimer – The information in the case study is not legal advice and should not be construed as such. The case study is for information purposes only, to help illustrate to our potential clients the type of claims Clearwater Solicitors can help them with. Clearwater Solicitors has not represented client(s) in the case study unless stated otherwise.

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