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Office Accident

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It is presumed that offices are a safe place to work unlike factories, construction sites and warehouses. But statistics shows that every year thousands of people suffer mild or serious injuries in offices in England and Wales. Office accidents usually occur due to the minor mistakes of employees or employer. However, the consequences can be very serious for the individual who sustains an injury.

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Common Reasons For Accidents In The Office

Most employers do not see an office environment as containing any serious hazards or risks. The reasons include employees do not work with heavy machinery, faulty equipment or chemicals. For these and other reasons employers do not take workplace health and safety in offices as seriously as they should.

Office accidents can be caused as a result of:

  1. Improper positioning of office machines (computers, other electronic devices),
  2. Displaced furniture,
  3. Uneven floors and steps,
  4. Leakages,
  5. Insufficient lighting,
  6. Wires and cables scattered on floor,
  7. Faulty appliances,
  8. Inadequate ventilation,
  9. Temperature and humidity, and
  10. Poor cleaning practices .

Types of Common Office Accidents

Common types of office accidents and related injuries may include;

  • Tripping due to untidy wire sand displaced furniture, falls due to the wet floors as well as uneven steps can cause serious injuries including broken/fractured bones, neck and head injury.
  • Lifting and moving heavy objects in offices can cause a severe back injury.
  • Serious respiratory problems and suffocation can arise because of untidy, unclean environment and improper temperature and ventilation in offices.
  • Broken appliances release highly poisonous carbon monoxide gas, carbon monoxide poisoning causes headache, weakness, nausea and vomiting and irregular breathing.
  • Improper wiring and faulty electrical appliances can also result in serious electric shocks and burns.
  • Repetitive strain injuries due to improper working conditions for example continuous typing without regular breaks.

Employer’s Responsibility

Employers of any company/office are responsible for ensuring health and safety of their employees. It is the duty of employers to investigate and eliminate all possible risks and hazards present in office environments.Proper and regular checks of all the possible risks can reduce the chance of an accident. If an employer fails in their duty then they are liable to compensate an employee for any injuries and losses suffered by them.

Office Injury Compensation Claim

You are eligible to be compensated for all your losses, in case you have suffered a personal injury in an office which was not your fault. If you think that your personal injury was caused by your employer then you have a right to make a compensation claim. We have skilled personal injury solicitors who specialize in office accident claims. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our free advice and fair consultation. Our solicitors will make sure we obtain the maximum compensation for you including pain and suffering, psychological stress and financial loss in the form of loss of earning and treatment costs.

If you have suffered an injury in your office then start your claim today by calling us on 08000430 430 or complete our online inquiry form and we will call you back.

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