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General And Special Damages

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A victim of personal injury at workplace is entitled to receive compensation for all his pain, sufferings, financial losses and other damages. Workplace accident damages are divided into two types, which can be claimed in work injury compensation;

  1. General Damages
  2. Special Damages

General Damages

General damages are awarded to the claimant as a compensation of his injuries sustained. It covers all pains sufferings and loss of amenity caused by either physical or psychological injury. Calculation of general damages is not very simple. It depends upon the number of factors like extent of suffered pain, recovery period, permanent symptoms of injury and effects of injury on victim’s daily life. In case of multiple injuries general damages would be calculated according to the severity of injury. In this case sum of all minor and major injuries compensation would be awarded to the victim.

Medical reports of victim guide about the severity of injury, its long and short term impacts and its overall healing period. So, by analyzing medical reports, doctor’s notes and prescriptions personal injury solicitor can convert injury into compensation amount. We at Clearwater Solicitors make it possible to collect amount of your deserved compensation.

Special Damages

Financial losses caused by sustained workplace personal injury are covered under special damages. It includes compensation of all economical losses and suffered expenses. Category of special damages may cover;

  • loss of earning due to the discontinued  job,
  • Future loss of earning,
  • Medical costs, treatment expenses; emergency bills, hospital bills, prescription charges etc.
  • Cost of care from family or friends,
  • All travelling costs; visits to hospital or clinic, visits to medical stores to buy medicines,
  • Loss of entertainment, loss of interest fulfillment,
  •  Costs of lost items and costs of new items suffered from direct impact of workplace accident.
  • All other financial losses caused by direct result of your injury.

If you have suffered any personal injury at workplace then you are entitled to receive compensation for both general damages and special damages. Start your workplace injury claim with Clearwater Solicitors and rest sure that we will win justiciable compensation for you according to your loss. Call us on 08000 430 430 or you can also complete our online enquiry form so we may give you a call back.

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