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Fall From Height

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A fall from height can have a devastating outcome as it is the most common reason behind most fatalities at workplaces. Many falls occur when an employee is working on a roof or scaffoldings. However, the most common falls are from ladders or stepladders.A fall from height can cause serious head injuries, brain and spinal cord injury, soft tissue damage and broken bones. Almost all industries and construction sites are governed by regulations. Employers have a duty to provide safe system of working at heights to reduce falls.

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Causes of Falling Accidents

Common types of falling accidents causing serious physical injuries and fatalities include:

  • Falling from a ladderis common and can be caused by uneven surface, poorly maintained ladder, and unstable ladder, misbalancing of worker on ladder and worker’s inability to hold the ladder.
  • Falling from machines or falling from moving vehicles is also very severe type of fall accident.
  • Construction workers can fall through fragile roofs which can cause serious injuries and result in death.
  • If scaffolding is not used properly, not hinged properly and badly maintained then they can cause serious falls of workers from height.
  • Construction sites without safety barriers can cause employees to fall from open edges in case of holes in floor and roof without safety boundary.
  • Falling from a chair, table or other raised surface or object can also cause serious injury.
  • Falling objects hitting the employees in the workplace can cause very serious injuries. Heavy objects falling down include bricks, tools or light fitting.

Consequences of Fall From Height Accidents

The consequences of a fall from height in the workplace or falling objects can be very serious for the victim and their family. The injuries can have lifelong impact in the form of financial loss, loss of wages, disability or a fatal injury. Physical injuries caused by a fall from height include broken bones, fractures, sprains, muscle injuries, head and spinal injury, teeth loss and scarring. Another very common and severe injury caused by a fall from height is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Psychological effects of TBI are black outs, restlessness, nausea, lack of concentration, hearing and seeing difficulties and memory loss.

Responsibility of the Employer

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide safe working conditions for the employees without any risk of accidents. Cases of falling from heights often are the result of the negligence of employers, who does not provide their employees with safe tools, equipment and machinery. Employers should inspect and maintain ladders, stepladders and scaffolding. Fragile roofs, floor holes and open edges must be maintained or alarmed to avoid injury. If an employer fails it their duty resulting in a fall from height then they are responsible and could be liable for compensation.

Making a Fall From Height Claim

If you have sustained a physical or psychological injury by falling from a height due to the fault of another then it is your right to be compensated for all your loss. Our solicitors are experts in dealing with workplace accident claims. Contact us today on 08000 430 430 or complete our online enquiry form and we will call you back.

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