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Factory Accident Claim

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Our factory accident claim specialists have dealt with dozens of factory accident compensation claims and can help you receive the result you want following a personal injury sustained in the workplace. Factories can potentially be dangerous areas, containing hazardous machinery with sharp blades and high temperatures, with plant and machine operatives having one of the UK’s highest workplace injury and death rates.

Companies must ensure their factory is kept as safe as possible through considerations such as safety panels and proper maintenance for machinery, through to management and training for staff. Spinal injuries are caused by employees lifting heavy items, moving parts on machinery can cause amputations and fatal accidents are all too common in factories. Sectors such as manufacturing and recycling have disproportionately high levels of workplace injuries and companies in these industries need to be hyper-vigilant about the risks posed to their staff.

While the number of people who die or are injured due to accidents in the workplace has been on a downwards trend for many years, there are still many companies that are failing to properly care for their workforce. You can claim for compensation against your employer’s insurance for any out-of-pocket expenses your personal injury caused, as well as lost wages and the pain and suffering you experienced.

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Case Studies

Factory accident results in our client receiving £5000.00. Click here to read more>>

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