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Electrocution or Electric Shock

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The human body is an excellent conductor of electricity.If the body comes into direct contact with an electric current it can cause severe scarring, burns or injury. Electric currents are very serious occupational hazards and many workers suffer electric shocks or electrocutionsin their workplace.Usually careless usage of electricity and unsafe installation of electrical devices are the main reason forelectrocution. Direct contact with electricity can cause fatality, serious muscular problems, burns and scarring, a fall from a height.

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Causes of Electrocution or Electric Shock

It is essential to handle electricity carefully to avoid the risks associated with it. There are several different reasons behind electric shock occurring in public places and workplace. Some examples include:

  • Workers at construction sites can come into contact with electricity supply lines when working at heights on metal ladders, scaffolding or towers. Metals are excellent conductors of electricity and cause electric shock. The injury caused by such accidents can be aggravated if the individual falls from the ladder or scaffolding.
  • Cranes or towers attached to construction vehicles can also make contact with overhead electric wires and can be extremely hazardous for workers.
  • Excavators or other digging equipment can come into contact with underground power supplies causing injury to those operating them
  • Loading trucks, dump trucks, fork lift trucks and moving ladders possess the same potential risk of making contact with live electricity wires.
  • Electricity can pass through all metal structures and metal tools or instrumentsresulting in serious injury
  • Poorly maintained and faulty electric devices, machines and electric equipment can cause electric shock.
  • Improper wiring, deteriorated isolation of power supplies or scratched power cables, poorly insulated power supplies and improperly grounded power lines within the workplace can cause serious electric shocks to employees.
  • Often safety training for employees to handle electric devices and other electric tools is not carried out properly within the workplace by the employer. This can also result in electric shocks and electrocution.

Effects of Electrocution or Electric Shocks

Persons exposed to electric shock can suffer from different harmful effects which may include;

  • Instant death after receiving high level currents,
  • Skin scars, hair burns, tissue burns,
  • Nerve, heart or lungs damage,
  • Numbness or failure of limbic function,
  • Brain damage; memory loss, unconsciousness and confused state of mind,
  • Irregular heart beats, fibrillation of heart,
  • Injuries from falling after receiving shock (broken bones, fractures, amputations),
  • Respiratory and cardiac problems, or
  • death due to the effects of electric shocks.

Employer’s Responsibility

Every employer should be aware of the possible risks within the workplace caused by electric current, faulty devices, improperly maintained power tools etc. Training and supervision of employees by the employer can also avoid the risk of accidents. Employers should also ensure safe work practices through regular inspections of devices, disconnecting the use of faulty equipment, availability of personal protective equipment and proper maintenance of electric appliances and installations. If an employer fails in their duty then they will be responsible of any resultant electric shock and injury.

Making Electrocution Compensation Claim

If the negligence of your employer caused an electrocution accident causing injury or death then the employer would be responsible and you could claim compensation for the injury. You can also claim any out of pocket expenses, medical expenses, loss of wages or payment for the care provided by a loved one.

Inappropriately designed household appliances and products such as hair dryer, juicer, blender, and other electric tools can also cause serious injuries. In this case you are eligible to make product liability claim against the product manufacturing company, designer or distributor.

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