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Can I Be Dismissed For Making A Work Accident Claim

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If you have suffered an injury at work which was not your fault you have a right to make a compensation claim. It is against the law to dismiss you just because you made a claim for compensation and you could make a claim for wrongful or unfair dismissal under the Employment Rights Act 1996. Threatening or harassing an injured employee to leave the job or withdraw the claim is also unlawful.

You could also be worried about the financial impact on your employer if you made a compensation claim. All employers are required by law to have an insurance policy to cover them in the event an employee or a member of the public makes a claim.  Therefore, your employer’s insurance company will pay your compensation not the company itself.

Many people worry about their coworker’s attitude towards them if they pursue a compensation claim for an accident at work.  Compensation claims for accidents at work are far more frequent than people imagine and we find coworkers are often more supportive than one may think.  One of the main reasons is because new working practices are often introduced to correct any incorrect practices which caused the accident. In addition, your coworkers will understand that you are entitled to claim for not only your injuries but also medical expenses and loss of income.

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