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How Much Can I Claim For Reproductive Injuries Male

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Male reproductive injury claims take a huge range of different forms, depending on the extent of a claimant’s injuries and their long-term prognosis. These include clinical negligence claims in which a man asked to be sterilised but the procedure was not conducted properly, as well as cases that lead to impotence.

The value of impotence and sterility compensation claims will depend on the age and status of the victim.  Middle-aged men will receive less money than young men  for impotence claims, while people with children will receive a smaller compensation claim than those without should they be sterilised.

A wide range of injuries can lead to sterility in men, including exposure to toxic substances, criminal injuries and motor vehicle accidents. A large proportion of sterility claims arise due to clinical negligence, such as when surgery goes wrong, but our personal injury solicitors have dealt with a huge range of cases.

The figures on this page represent compensation claims that Clearwater Solicitors have secured for our clients, but the overall value of your claim could be completely different to the figures on this page. Any expenses you faced as a result of your injury will also be factored into your claim, such as the cost of medical treatment you may require or any lost wages you sustained. You should not face any financial losses as a result of the injury if a negligent party was wholly to blame for it.

To find out the full value of your compensation claim, speak to the team at Clearwater Solicitors! We have handled all kinds of male reproductive injury claims, so we’re well-placed to handle your case. For more information, or to start making a claim, call us on 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form. We’re ready to help you out!

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