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How Much Can I Claim For Minor Neck Injury

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Minor neck injuries include soft tissue damage and whiplash with recovery times of under two years, although the vast majority of whiplash injury claims involve injuries that take between a few weeks and a few months to recover from.

While neck injury claims usually occur in road traffic accidents and for a part of car accident compensation settlements, a huge number of other factors can lead to these personal injuries. These include sports accidents, criminal injuries, slips, trips and falls, and impacts with moving objects.

Whiplash injuries are not the sum total of all minor neck injury claims, however. Lacerations, botched medical procedures and even allergies can lead to minor, moderate or severe neck damage, and people who suffer from these problems due to the negligence of another person are entitled to claim compensation.

The figures on this page only indicate the special damages value of a personal injury compensation claim, and the value of some neck injury compensation claims can be considerably higher. This will be the case in instances where the personal injury caused the sufferer to miss out on a significant part of their income, or when other losses become substantial. In order to come up with a realistic assessment of the value of your neck injury compensation claim, you should therefore speak to personal injury lawyers who specialise in these compensation claims.

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