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How Much Can I Claim For Hernia Injury

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Hernias are a common condition, but they can be incredibly painful. While there are a variety of factors that can cause hernias, some are caused by the negligence of another person. This might be an employer who asked an employee to lift a heavy object without lifting aids, following criminal injuries such as a punch to the stomach, working environments that promote poor posture or accidental poisoning.

Hernias therefore feature in many personal injury compensation claims. These could be hernias that cause prolonged and extensive pain, problems with mobility, inguinal hernias, or uncomplicated indirect hernias.

While hernias are commonplace, treating them can be quite difficult and frequently requires invasive surgery, and this can occur many months or years after the condition’s initial diagnosis. As a result, hernias can cause a great deal of harm to a victim’s quality of life. The pain and suffering can continue for a long time, and hernia patients also run the risk of being the victim of clinical negligence.  Hernias can also lead to other complications, including strangulation of soft tissue and bowel obstructions.

As a result, the overall value of a hernia compensation claim can vary dramatically, and depends on a variety of factors. These include lost wages, medical expenses and the length of time a patient suffered from the condition. Therefore, the figures on this page should only be considered as estimations, and if you want to know the overall value of your hernia claim, you should speak to personal injury solicitors.

We at Clearwater Solicitors have handled a huge range of hernia injury claims that involve a large variety of factors, making us well-placed to handle your claim. To find out more information or to start claiming compensation today, just call us on 08000 430 430. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form and request a call back.



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