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How Much Can I Claim For Ear Injury

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Damage to the ears or to a person’s sense of hearing can be devastating, significantly reducing a person’s quality of life. When calculating the value of ear injury compensation claims, we consider the extent of a claimant’s hearing problems and how this has affected them.

While mild tinnitus can be very annoying, causing distress, anxiety and depression, total deafness can make it impossible for sufferers to continue in the same career and can lead to massive changes in a sufferer’s life, and their compensation claims reflect these problems.  You may no longer be able to complete day-to-day tasks, or could have suffered from psychological health problems as a result of your ear injury, and may find you have gone from being independent to being relatively dependent. Compensation claims will increase accordingly if these problems are present.

Deafness compensation values will depend on a number of factors:

–          Whether the personal injury had any effect on the claimant’s speech

–          Whether it affected their balance

–          Whether the deafness occurred instantly or was caused by prolonged exposure

–          The age the victim was when the injury occurred

As a result, the figures outlined in our personal injury calculator must only be considered as guidelines and estimates, although they are based on real compensation payouts that our solicitors have secured. You will need to have your ear injuries assessed and your losses calculated if you want to come up with a unique figure for your personal injury claim.

You should not be left out-of-pocket for your ear injuries. Find out how much your claim is worth by contacting Clearwater Solicitors and discussing your case. Understand your claim in detail or start making a claim for compensation today by calling 08000 430 430 or filling in our handy online enquiry form.

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