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How Much Can I Claim For Chest Injury

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When personal injuries damage the chest, the consequences can be very severe. The chest contains the lungs, heart, and other organs that are vital for life, as well as major blood vessels, arteries and muscles. Chest injuries can lead to disability, long-lasting personal injuries and extensive scarring, as well as severe psychological and emotional distress.

Some of the chest injury claims our personal injury solicitors have dealt with include lung and chest damage leading to long-term and short-term disability, collapsed lungs, partial removal of the lungs, hart damage, scarring, penetrating wounds, inhalation injuries and traumatic chest injuries causing permanent damage. While the prognosis for some of these conditions can be very good, some people never recover from their chest damage, and these injuries can prove fatal.

While the figures on this page provide an estimate of the value of different chest injury compensation claims and are based on actual cases Clearwater Solicitors has pursued, each claimant has their own unique factors, circumstances and losses, which can dramatically alter the value of a claim. Your losses will also include damages such as loss of income, care costs, rehabilitative costs and any other expenses you have faced as a result of your injury.

If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should not lose a penny because of your personal injuries. You might be offered a lump sum by the negligent party’s insurance company, but you should speak to solicitors about your claim so you can ensure you receive all the money you are entitled to.

We at Clearwater Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims and have handled a huge range of chest injury compensation cases that involved a vast array of different circumstances. This means we’re an ideal choice for you if you want to receive compensation for your injuries.

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