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Police Station Representation

If you are under arrest, it is essential to have professional legal representation at the police station as quickly as possible. We recommend that you ask for Clearwater Solicitors immediately and maintain your right to silence until you have spoken to one of our police station solicitors.

What you say or do not say during your police interview could have a huge impact on your case if it comes to court or during any subsequent proceedings. Suspects cannot be expected to know what they should and should not say if they are being questioned in the police station, which means it is vital to use the services of our accredited solicitors in Manchester before saying anything to the police.

If the police tell you it could take hours before they receive a solicitor to represent you and that you will be released from custody earlier if you forego your right to silence, don’t be fooled! We will aim to reach our clients in as little a time from when we first hear from them as possible, and we are obliged to arrive at the police station within 45 minutes of being called.

When you choose Clearwater Solicitors for police station representation, you know that we will:

–          Provide you with expert legal advice

–          Protect your interests and rights

–          Do all we can to support your bail and protect you against your charges

–          Attend the police station promptly, day or night, ensuring you stay in custody for as short a time as possible

So if you need police station representation, call Clearwater Solicitors on 08000 430 430.

Our Claim Process

  • 1: Contact our personal injury solicitors by calling 08000 430430 or complete an online enquiry form.

  • 5: As soon as all the information/ documentation be collected we will submit a settlement proposed to the third party.

  • 2: Our specialist team will obtain all the details about your accident and injury.

  • 6: We will negotiate with the third party and obtain your instructions..

  • 3: We will either post our information pack or visit you at home. Once we have received the signed documentation we will contact the third party.

  • 7: You will receive your settlement cheque.

  • 4: We will arrange a appointment with a medical expert who will provide a detailed report about the nature and extend of your injuries and how it has affected you.