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We are committed to proper justice and can provide police station representation if you have just been arrested or are required to attend court.

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If you need legal representation following a crime, our solicitors in Lancashire are ready to help you out! Navigating the legal minefield of criminal law requires trained and skilled legal advisors who keep up-to-date with legislative changes and case law, and we can give you the professional representation you need. If you’ve just been arrested, if you have a date in the magistrates’ or crown court, if you’re appealing against your sentence, if you’re changing solicitors or if you are being interviewed by the police, you will need solicitors that will work towards getting the best possible outcome for you. It is easy for people to be found guilty of committing a crime and to find themselves receiving a custodial sentence when they could have been found not guilty or could have been given a community order if they had hired our criminal law solicitors for representation. We are committed to proper justice and see it as our duty to hold the police force and the government to account, using our skilled lawyers and solicitors in Lancashire to help our clients achieve the best possible result and to prevent miscarriages of justice. Whether you’ve been accused of committing a serious crime or a minor motoring offence, receiving the professional service offered by our solicitors and having the right defence could make all the difference to your court case. No matter what your requirements are, we’re ready to help you out! Simply contact us on 08000 430 430 to discuss your requirements and speak to one of the criminal law experts at Clearwater Solicitors.    

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3: We will either post our information pack or visit you at home. Once we have received the signed documentation we will contact the third party.

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4: We will arrange a appointment with a medical expert who will provide a detailed report about the nature and extend of your injuries and how it has affected you.