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Seeking Asylum

If you are looking to seek asylum in the UK, you will require the skilled immigration services of Clearwater Solicitors. Call us today on 08000 430 430 to discuss your case.

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Many people throughout the world apply for asylum in the UK because their life is at risk in their own country. Anyone who may fear persecution can apply for the legal right to stay in the UK, although the law is complicated and confusing, with applicants frequently requiring skilled immigration solicitors to give them the best chance of success. In order to comply with international asylum laws, you will need to provide evidence that demonstrates the fears that you have for your wellbeing, additionaly you have to show that you are unable to live in your home country, and you may also need to appeal against an asylum refusal. Asylum seekers are in a vulnerable position and are frequently seriously distressed, so we at Clearwater Solicitors provide sympathetic, personalised legal advice that is as transparent as possible, doing all we can to reduce stress and make the application process as simple as it can be. We try to understand the unique aspects of your application, providing you with an immigration solicitor that has years of experience in dealing successfully with asylum applications. We can also guide you through the other things you need to consider when applying for asylum, such as accommodation and employment, carefully assisting you in the difficult and confusing area of UK immigration law. You may have to make your application for asylum within a certain timeframe, so there is no better time to contact Clearwater Solicitors than right now. Call 08000 430 430 to speak to us about your case.

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