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Passenger receives £1,650.00 in personal injury compensation

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Accident Circumstances

Miss R was a minor traveling in a vehicle from her home address with her mother- going to pick her older sister up from school. The claimant’s mother was approaching some traffic lights and came to a stop as there was another vehicle in front of hers. The traffic lights changed to green and the traffic proceeded through the lights- the lane after the traffic lights starts to get wider and eventually splits into three lanes.

The vehicle in front of claimant’s vehicle was indicating left, when the lights changed to green; the vehicle went past the traffic lights where the road gets wider and was to turn left. This made the claimant slow down and came to a stop as the vehicle if front took the turning quite widely. The defendant became impatient as she was directly behind the claimant and attempted to overtake the claimant’s vehicle without observing the width of the road and collided with the front driver side of our claimant’s vehicle.

Third party insurer’s position

Liability was admitted. However, when we disclosed medical evidence to the third party and they didn’t respond with offers within the given time- therefore we issued court proceedings.

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

This case was handed over to Sohail Ahmed our expert in dealing with passenger claims.

–        Once court proceedings were issued the third party insurers decided to raise issues with our client’s medical evidence.

–        They stated that they were amazed that a child of 8 years old had been suffering from body ache and temperature and had only visited the GP surgery once regarding this. They also advised that her symptoms were exagerated and couldn’t understand why our client hadn’t taken any time off school due to the accident.

–        The third party insurers then put forward an offer of £1,000.00 in full and final settlement of our client’s claim– We thought this offer was unreasonable and recommended our client to reject and she did the same.

–        We then continued with court proceedings and the third party asked for a 28 day extension to file their defence- we didn’t see any justification for this and therefore didn’t agree to this request.

–        The third party were then quick to respond and put in another part 36 offer in the sum of £1,250- Our client rejected this offer.

–        As the Claimant was a minor we took advice from a barrister. He advised that we could recover between £1600 to £1,800 in personal injury compensation – We therefore put an offer of £1,700 in order to settle our clients claim.

The third party responded to this offer with an offer in the sum of £1,650.00. We thought this offer was reasonable and our client was happy to accept this offer.

Sohail Ahmed’s comments on the case

Liability was admitted and this should have been a straight forward case. We knew all along that our client had been suffering with symptoms as a result of this accident-We therefore stood by our client when the third party made false accusations. When the third party raised concerns and offered our client £1,000.00 we knew this claim was worth more and that’s why we advised our client to reject this and continue with court proceedings. Our clients mother was very happy with our service as she advised that we kept her up to date at all times – she was also overwhelmed with the compensation we recovered for her daughter.

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