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Passenger in taxi involved in collision wins £3250.00 after driver flees the scene of the accident

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Accident circumstances

Miss Bannister and her sister were travelling to the supermarket in a taxi. The driver failed to stop at a give way junction and collided in to the car that was proceeding correctly at the junction. After the accident our client called her father and stayed in the vehicle. The taxi driver got out and left the scene of the accident. Miss Bannister was later approached by 4 men who told her to get out of the car and that they were the driver’s relatives.

Our client stayed in the car until her farther and the police arrived at the scene. The police later came to Miss Bannister’s address and advised her they had charged the taxi driver for driving without due care and attention. Miss Bannister’s mum had recommended us and after a free consultation with our personal injury solicitors she instructed us to act on her behalf in recovering compensation for the car accident claim.

The third party insurer’s position

The driver’s representatives admitted liability immediately putting forward a pre medical offer in the sum of £1250.00 to settle the passenger claim.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved matters

The file was transferred to Sara Kiran who arranged for Miss Bannister to be medically examined so a report could be compiled to see the full extent of Miss Bannister’s injuries. We advised our client to reject this offer which she did.

After disclosing the medical report the third party had made a further offer putting forward £320.00 in settlement of the claim which we advised our client to accept.

Miss Bannister was overjoyed with the final offer and felt very happy the claim had settled.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you

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