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Passenger claims against driver winning £2500 in damages

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Accident circumstances

Mrs Khan was a passenger in the car driven by her husband. As the couple proceeded down the road the driver was distracted by the surrounding celebrations and consequently collided into the rear of the car in front. The driver got out of the car and admitted fault and apologised. Our client was not aware that she could claim against a driver who was at fault and after being recommended to us by a friend she contacted us and instructed our specialist injury solicitors to pursue a compensation claim on her behalf.

The defendant’s position

Liability was admitted immediately and a pre medical offer was put forward in the sum of £1200.

How Clearwater Solicitors dealt with the matter

The passenger claim was handled by Sara Kiran in our specialist litigation team.

Sara advised Mrs Khan to reject the offer based on the fact that she had not been medically examined and we were not aware of the full extent of her injuries and explained there may be a risk of under settling the claim. Our client rejected the pre medical offer.

Having received the medical evidence we disclosed it to the third party who failed to make offers. We then issued court proceedings and received an offer two months later in the sum of £2500 in settlement of the claim. Our client accepted this offer.

Sara Kiran’s comments on the case

This was a relatively straightforward claim even though court proceedings had to be issued. The reason for this is to put pressure on the other side to settle the claim before going to trial. We advised our client to accept because the amount put forward was reasonable in conjunction with the injuries she sustained as a result of the accident. We always recommend to our client they reject any pre medical offer and in this case our client received double the amount of compensation which the insurers first put forward.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you?

Have you been hurt as result of a car accident? Were you an innocent passenger who has suffered injury as a result? Contact our specialist and dedicated passenger claims team today to secure the compensation you are owed today. Call us on 08000 430 430.

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