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Our client is awarded £3500.00 in compensation for a non-fault accident

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Accident circumstances

Mr Oakes was a passenger in a car which was behind another when all of a sudden that car reversed and collided into the front bumper of the client car. Mr Oakes described the car to be fast moving. After the collision both parties exchanged details. The third party accepted fault and stated he could not see our client’s vehicle as his rear view screen was covered with condensation.

They agreed at the time not to get their insurance companies involved straight away, it was only later the next day when Mr Oakes saw the damage to his car and his injuries had become worse that he decided to pursue a claim for compensation. Mr Oakes searched for solicitors on the internet and decided to contact us to pursue his car accident claim.

Third party insurers’ position

The third party insurers admitted liability and asked us to forward medical evidence detailing what injuries our client had suffered.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved the issue

After instructing us the claim was transferred to our specialist personal injury solicitors where Sara Kiran took conduct of the claim.

Our client was examined by a medical expert and a report was prepared. The third party insurance company put forward an offer of £3500.00 once they had reviewed the medical report which Mr Oakes was happy to accept.,

Sara Kiran’s comments on the case

The matter was dealt with quickly because the third party realised their client was at fault and they put forward a very reasonable offer when they received the medical evidence.

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