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Mrs R receives £3,121.00 in compensation

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Accident circumstances

Mrs R was traveling from her home address and was on the way to her local gymnasium, this was approximately a 10 minute drive. On the way to the gymnasium Mrs R approached some traffic lights and noticed that they were red, so she reduced her speed and was stationary waiting in a queue of traffic.Mrs R then noticed that in the opposite lane there was a large lorry that had reversed into a side road – as it looked like he wanted to change direction.The lorry was moving at an approx. 20 mph and went directly into the rear of our client’s vehicle. Mrs R stated that it was a foreign lorry and the driver got out and passed her his business card.

Our client then googled personal injury solicitors and came across our website. She spoke to one of our team who advised her that we will take conduct of the claim.

Third party insurer’s position

The third party failed to give us a response regarding liability within the given time so we had to issue court proceedings.

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

The case was handed to Mr Ahmed our specialist in car accident claims.

–         Due to the third party not co-operating we issued proceedings against them.

–         Once they received our letter regarding the proceedings they responded to our letter stating that their insured admits to there being a collision with our clients vehicle, however they stated that the impact was minimal and not sufficient enough to have caused injury. They also said that there was no damage to either vehicle besides a small amount of paint transfer.

–         We responded to their letter advising that as you can see from the repair invoice there was in fact excessive damage which amounted to £770.60.

–         The third party then put forward an offer of £770.60 towards the vehicle repairs and an offer of £2100.00 towards our client’s injury claim. We accepted the offer for vehicle repair cost however we rejected the general damages as we thought the amount was unreasonable. We proposed a counter offer of £2,600 towards the general damages.

The third party responded to our letter advising that they thought there offer was reasonable but said they’d compromise at £2350.00 towards the general damages. Our client then accepted the final sum of £3,121.00.

Mr Ahmed’s comments on the case

We knew all along that there was much more than just a small amount of paint transfer in this accident and that’s why we made sure our client received the correct amount of compensation. We kept Mr R updated regularly. Our client moved to Australia but we continued to liase with her via the telephone and email. Mrs R was really happy with his customer service received from us and was overwhelmed with her car accident compensation of £3,121.00.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you

Clearwater solicitors are experienced in handling car accident claims. Ourpersonal injury solicitorsare experienced in dealing with claims were the insurers allege the damage to the vehicle was minimal. Contact us on 08000 430 430 to speak to one of our team today or visit the website to speak to someone live now.

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