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Mrs I who was eight months pregnant receives £3000.00 personal injury compensation

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Accident circumstances

Mrs I was a passenger in the car her husband was driving, as he approached a set of traffic lights which were green he proceeded through them and got a few meters through the traffic lights and had to stop because there was a bus which had stopped to give way to another vehicle in front.The Defendant failed to observe that the vehicles in front had stopped due to the traffic and collided into the rear of claimant’s vehicle.Mrs I who was heavily pregnant began to feel pain on the left side of her tummy, her husband in a panic called for an ambulance which took her to hospital because of the fact she was 8 months pregnant.
After seeing Clearwater Solicitors television adverts she contacted us to pursue a car accident claim.

Third party insurer’s position

The third party insurers disputed liability on the grounds that; the impact was of low velocity i.e. the impact between the cars was at such a low speed no injury could be caused. On this basis they rejected our client’s road traffic accident claim.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved the issue?

Once Mrs I’s claim had been accepted it was transferred to our specialist litigation team who are experienced in dealing with personal injury compensation cases.

–        Mrs Cookson who specialises in cases such as this made a part 36 offer. The Part 36 offer is an offer the claimant is making to the third party, setting out the amounts you would be willing to accept in the settlement of your claim. If the third party insurers did not accept the offer there would be consequences as they would have had to pay our client additional damages.

–        After fully reviewing medical records Mrs Cookson advised our client that £3000.00 was a reasonable settlement. Mrs I was happy to accept our advice.

–       The third party insurer’s agreed to settle the case on £3000.00.

Mrs Cookson comments on the case

This case was made complex by the third party insurers who claimed that incident was of low velocity and that the injuries our client was claiming could not have been cause suggesting our client was exaggerating her injuries.Our client was outraged by this insinuation and was very happy when we settled her case and successfully retrieved £3000.00 in personal injury compensation. The fact that the insurers accepted liability suggested they made an incorrect assumption clearing our client who felt vindicated in pursuing her claim.
Clearwater Solicitors aim to settle claims as quickly even when this is made difficult by the third party insurers as it was in this case.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you

Clearwater Solicitors are expert personal injury solicitors as we have vast experience in pursuing claims where low velocity impact is alleged.If you think you have a case or require further information contact Clearwater on 08000 430 430 or fill in the online call back request.

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