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Mr. R Received £ 28,000 After Suffering Serious Workplace Leg, Back and Arm Injury

Mr. R was an employee at a Food & Beverage factory, he suffered serious injuries while carrying a heavy bucket of hot water. He slipped on the factory floor due to the oily surface and suffered serious back and leg injuries, he also suffered scolding to his left arm as a result of the hot water he was carrying spilling onto his arm. It took more than two weeks for his arm to heal and a further 12 months to recover from his back and leg injuries completely. As a result of his injuries he was in constant pain and suffering, Mr R was also unable to go to work as a result of his injuries and duly took sick leave for a month, he also faced costly bills for the medical treatment he received.

Mr. R consulted a specialist workplace personal injury solicitor soon after his recovery in January 2013. The cause of the accident was an oily surface which indicated negligence on behalf of the employer. It was the employers’ duty of care to ensure a hygienic and safe workplace environment for all employees, as a result of the oily surface not being cleaned the employer was found to have neglected his duty of care. Inappropriate handling of hazardous liquid was another negligent act on behalf of the employer. It was the responsibility of the employer to ensure safe transfer of hot liquids without spillages occurring. The employer was found to be in breach of Workplace Health and Safety regulations, Mr R should not have been carrying hot water unless in an appropriate container, as this would have minimized the chances of the water spilling onto Mr R once he had slipped and fallen, also it was the employers responsibility to ensure a safe workplace. An oily surface was a blatant breach of this responsibility, in light of the Health and safety breaches the employer was held responsible for the injuries suffered by Mr R.

The employers’ insurers admitted liability and offered £ 21,250 to Mr R. The solicitor believed that this offer did not fully compensate the client for the pain and suffering he had endured, the solicitor believed the compensation for the injuries along with loss of earnings and the medical bills should have amounted to an award of £31,250.

Mr R received£ 28,000. He was understandably pleased and satisfied with the amount of compensation received.