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Mini cab driver awarded £1,800.00 after a car accident

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Mr K is a mini cab driver and had finished his night shift and was heading back to the taxi base office.

Our client was approaching a give way junction and came to a stop, he then put on his left indicate as he wanted to turn left. Mr K looked in both directions to ensure no traffic was coming in any direction and proceeded to take his left turn.

The defendant failed to observe our clients vehicle whilst attempting to overtake and collided into the rear of our client’s vehicle.

Mr K got out of his vehicle and approached the defendant. The defendant started shouting at our client blaming him for the collision. Our client advised the defendant that he wasn’t at fault as he was turning left and the defendant was on the wrong side of the road.

Our client then took photos of the defendant and the vehicles involved in the accident.

Mr K was then referred to our personal injury solicitors.

Third party insurer’s position

The third party denied liability – their driver was a doctor and they believed her version of events. The doctor alleged that our client reversed his car causing the collision. They also provided us with a sketched diagram of the accident from there insured- holding our client at fault

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

The case was handed over to Sohail Ahmed our expert in car accident claims.

Mr Ahmed spoke to our client who strongly denied the Doctors allegations. He gave us the names of his work colleagues who could confirm that he was returning the taxi base which was on the left hand side of the junction that our client was waiting at. Therefore, there was no need for him to reverse his car.

The third party continued to deny liability and therefore we issued Court proceedings. They responded and wanted a 14 day extension for their client to file their defence- we agreed to this as we did not want to be unreasonable. We then continued with proceedings. At the stage of allocation questionnaires, i.e. when the parties list their witnesses, the third party solicitors saw our witness list and they quickly realised that our client was not at fault and accepted full liability.

The third party decided to approach us to put forward an offer of £1,800.00 in full and final settlement for our client’s personal injury compensation.

We sent the offer of £1,800.00 to our client who was happy to accept.

Sohail Ahmed’s comments on the case

This should have been a straight forward case as it was obvious from the start that our client wasn’t at fault. It’s a shame it had to come to issuing proceedings for the third party to admit liability.

Our client was happy with our service as we kept him up to date at all times and he was also happy with the amount he received in compensation.


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