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Hospital Negligence Caused The Death Of Old Woman, 67

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Mrs. S, old women of 67, died due to the negligence of hospital staff. Mrs. S was suffering from urinary infection when admitted to Hospital, but absence of staff members due to the New Year Eve delayed proper treatment. Family of Mrs. S provided a list of errors made by Hospital staff. She was left unattended for several hours, and instead of giving her antibiotics for urinary infection she was treated with wrong prescribed medicine. Mrs. S’s family told that nursing staff who did not monitor her, nobody prepared medical notes and the doctor failed to examine her.
Mrs. S suffered a stroke when her husband died and was using antibiotics and steroids for breathing difficulties.But available nursing staff didn’t provide required medication to Mrs. S for more than 24 hours. Family of Mrs. S had all pervious medical reports and prescriptions about her infection.As the Hospital officials were held responsible for the negligence causing death they issued an apology to the family. Hospital officials tried to settle the case out of court offering very small amount to cover only funeral expenses of Mrs. S.
In this case hiring the expert medical negligence solicitor can help family of Mrs. S to receive compensation although this will never replace the loss of a family member. It is evident that death of Mrs. S was caused by the Hospital’s negligence.

In many cases the hospital records are self evident in proving the hospital was negligent. However, only expert medical negligence solicitors can identify the gaps in treatment and ensure the claim is successful.In this case it was possible to get to claim the funeral cost and also obtain compensation for pain and suffering before Mrs S’s death.

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