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Customer Service agent’s claim settles a week before trial

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Accident circumstances

Our client was in the middle lane waiting to take the second exit. The defendant was in left lane which was a left turn only when she negligently crossed into the lane our client was in and collided into the passenger side of her vehicle. After the accident Mrs A and the defendant pulled up on a Bus Stop further ahead where the Defendant was shouting and stating  our client was responsible for the accident and accusing Mrs A of colliding into her car.

The Defendant came to our client’s workplace with boyfriend and another male where they argued with the client regarding the accident and threatened her to drop the claim. After a frightened Mrs A contacted Clearwater Solicitors and had a free consultation with our friendly personal injury solicitors in Manchester she felt confident in us and instructed us to deal with her car accident claim.

The defendant’s position

The insurers had reverted to us following their investigation and indicated that liability for the said accident was denied stating our client was partly responsible. Our clients insurance company advised us months later that they paid out the defendant on a without prejudice basis paying out over £4000.00 in respect of the vehicle damage and personal injury. This action severely weakened our client’s case.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved the issue

The file was transferred over to our specialist personal injury solicitors where Mrs Ahmed took over conduct of the claim and issued court proceedings.

–        We then put forward a part 36 offer in the sum of £1500.00 on a without prejudice basis in order to conclude matters.

–        The defendant’s representatives contacted us asking for an extension to which we advised we cannot grant the extension, the gentleman became irate and advised he had never received any of our correspondence or the part 36 offer.

–        Having received the defence which contained a completely different set of accident circumstances, we submitted questions.

–        Our client suffered the loss of her child and therefore she did not wish to go to trial. She instructed us to make a 50/50 split liability offer. We advised her that we believed she had a very good chance of winning her case but our client wanted us to make the offer.

After constant negotiation from April up until August and filing the relevant documents at court the defendant’s representatives agreed to settle the case a week before trial.

Shazia Ahmed’s comments case

It is highly frustrating and upsetting for our client’s when matters are not being settled and dragged on for months and sometimes even years. This is why we ensure we keep our client’s up to date regularly and ensure we maintain constant contact. We believe our client was genuine and this is why we continued negotiations up until trial; the fact the defendant’s solicitor’s accepted our offer a week before trial suggests they had doubts in respect of their chance of success at trial.

Mrs A was very happy with our service and was very grateful on our conduct and how we defended her and secured the compensation she was owed. It is unfortunate we had to make a 50/50 split but the client was overjoyed with the amount she recovered.

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