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Company director wins compensation after a 2 year legal battle

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Accident circumstances

Our client had just finished a cricket match and was returning to his car. He was stationary and had intended to pull out from a parked position to cross one lane and enter the correct lane to continue on his journey. He began to pull out but saw the third party turn into the road from behind him from the main road. He stopped his vehicle, as he had only just begun to pull out, to allow the third party to pass. However, instead of travelling in the correct lane the third party drove on the wrong side and collided with our client’s car. Mr S, our client, had contacted Clearwater solicitors to aid in his road traffic accident claim.

Defendant insurer’s position

Firstly, third party insurer’s had denied liability but had failed to provide a reason for their judgment. They had then got back to us and had indicated that the liability for the said accident was denied because they had alleged that our client had attempted to do a three point turn in the middle of the road when it was unsafe to do so and in doing so turned into their client’s path. Secondly, they had alleged that the damage sustained to our claimant’s vehicle was minimal and so no injury could have occurred due to the collision.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved this issue

The file was transferred to our specialist personal injury solicitors who specialise in disputed cases. Although the third party insured’s had denied liability we analysed the photographs our client had provided and realised the third party has lying to his insurers. The photographs presented to us clearly showed that the defendant’s vehicle was travelling on the wrong side as there was debris on the road where our client’s vehicle was position which proved the accident occurred where our client advised.

After many attempts, we were still to receive an offer in settlement and so we advised our client to issue Court proceedings and to make an offer to settle his claim. The third party insurers, having considered our offer, entered a formal proposal to settle the claim as a whole and presented the sum of £1655.00 personal injury compensation.

Comments on the case

Although we receive many cases during a single, working day, each case we receive is looked into fully; understood fully and our team are always prepared to give their very best, gaining a satisfactory outcome for our clients always. With regards to this case, we were not willing to take any action which may have prejudiced our client’s position as we pursued their claim for compensation. We were pleased with the rational offer made by the third party insurers to settle the claim and so we had advised our client to go ahead and accept the offer of £1655.00 which he was happy to do so.

How Clearwater solicitors can help you?

Clearwater Solicitors are experienced in handling personal injury compensation claims where liability is disputed. If you think you have a case or require further information contact Clearwater Solicitors on 08000 430 430 or fill in the online call back request.

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