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Client trips in medical centre car park winning £2200.00 in compensation

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Accident circumstances

Mrs Javed took her baby for a vaccination at the medical centre, the claimant’s husband parked the car and as our client got out of the vehicle to take the pram out of the boot and as she headed to get the baby out of the car Mrs Javed got her foot trapped in a metal plate on the ground which caused our client to trip and fall forward onto the ground.

Having been recommended to Clearwater Solicitors from s friend who was very satisfied with our customer service Mrs Javed contacted our personal injury solicitors and instructed us to peruse an occupier’s liability claim.

Third party insurers’ position

The third party failed to provide us with a response within the given time as they wished to complete further investigations.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved the issue

The claim was taken over by Sarah Manders who special in compensation claims caused by tripping over.

–        The third party initially failed to respond to us within the given time and asked for an extension to investigate the claim further, Sarah agreed to this and we then received an admission of liability subject to medical causation in the sum of £2200.00.

–        We advised our client to reject this offer as It was made prior to our client being medically examined which could potentially mean the claim may be undervalued.

However our client wished to accept this offer and was happy with the amount offered.

Sarah Manders comments on the case

I advised Mrs Javed to reject the offer based on the fact she had not been medically examined. However, our client thought the offer was fair. Although Mrs Javed could have potentially been offered more it is ultimately our client’s decision and we aim to follow our client’s instruction once they are fully aware of all the consequences of accepting a pre medical offer. Mrs Javed was overjoyed with her compensation and recommended us to a friend whose claim is currently with our specialist personal injury solicitors.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you?

If you have injured yourself due to a defect in the ground and wish recover compensation for your injuries contact our specialist personal injury solicitors to pursue an occupier’s liability claimby calling 08000 430 430 or join a live web chat now.

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