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Client receives £6,000 compensation after being involved in a bus accident

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Accident circumstances

Mrs K was heading home on her usual bus route and was sat in the disabled area where there are pushchairs kept. Our claimant was two stops away from her house when suddenly a car pulled out from a side road and the bus driver had to apply an emergency brake to avoid a collision. As the bus driver slammed on his breaks the claimant came out of her chair. When Mrs K came out of her chair she hit her upper body on a pushchair. The Pushchair had been left in front of the claimant’s seat of the bus and her chest hit into pole in the middle of the floor.

The ambulance was called as another elderly lady was bleeding. The claimant wanted to leave but was persuaded to stay till the ambulance arrived. She was treated at the road side and was checked over by ambulance staff before she returned home. The claimant returned home but was upset and in pain and so went to the GP the same day.

She decided to pursue a bus accident compensation claim.She saw our advert on television and decided to contact us. Our friendly case opening team went through the accident circumstances with Mr K and we decided she did have a claim.

Third party insurer’s position

The third party failed to respond in the given time, therefore the claim fell off the portal.

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

The case was handed over to Sarah Manders our expert in obtaining personal injury compensation.

–         The third party stated that investigations were still ongoing regarding liability and that they would provide us with a decision within 3 months.

–         However the third party sent a letter a week later confirming that liability has been accepted on behalf of the bus company.

–         We put forward a part 36 offer of 100% liability and explained to the third party that this offer doesn’t include our client’s damages, legal costs and disbursements, which would be paid in addition.

–         The third party responded to our letter and put forward an offer to our client of £6,000 in personal injury compensation in settlement of her full claim.

We put this offer forward to our client and she was more than happy to accept the sum of £6,000.

Sarah Mander’s comments on the case

This was a pretty straight forward case and I’m really happy with the high level of compensation which our client received. Our client was satisfied with the amount of personal injury compensation received and our level of communication throughout her claim.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you

Clearwater solicitors are experienced in handling passenger compensation claims whether you are sat in a bus, taxi or someone else’s car. Ourpersonal injury solicitorsare qualified and are here to help you.

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